The Organizing Committee and the Latvian Orienteering Federation are delighted to be the hosts for the 7th European Orienteering Championships and World Cup in Ventspils, Latvia from 25 May to 1 June 2008. We welcome all friends of orienteering in Ventspils.

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IOF World Cup 2008
European Orienteering Championships 2008

Ventspils, Latvia
25 May - 1 June 2008

Bulletin 2

1) Welcome to the 7th EOC in Ventspils, Latvia

The Organizing Committee, organizing orienteering clubs and the Latvian Orienteering Federation are pleased to welcome all orienteering friends to the 7th European Orienteering Championships.

Peteris Apinis
President of the Latvian Orienteering Federation

2) Organizing committee

Secretary General:
Inese Purgaile, e-mail:

Financial Director:
Girts Mamis, e-mail:

Chief mapper and course planner:
Indulis Peilans

Media Director:
Martins Lismanis, e-mail:

IT Director:
Guntars Mankus

Martins Lismanis, e-mail:

3) Events Controllers

IOF Senior Event Adviser:
Rimas Jovaisas /Lithuania/, e-mail:

National Controller:
Jurgis Krastins /Latvia/, e-mail:

4) Contacts

For any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the organising committee!

Inese Purgaile (secretary general)
Tel. /mobile/: +371 29751855
Fax: +371 3107045

5) EOC 2008 Program

Saturday 24.05 Ventspils
Opening of the Event Centre in Ventspils

Sunday 25.05 Ventspils
Model event
Opening ceremony

Monday 26.05 Ventspils
Morning - Sprint Qualification
Afternoon - Sprint Final /WCup/

Tuesday 27.05 Liepene
Long distance Qualification

Wednesday 28.05 Irbene
Long distance Final

Thursday 29.05
Training, rest

Friday 30.05 Jaunupe
Middle distance Qualification

Saturday 31.05 Jaunupe
Middle distance Final

Sunday 01.06 Ventspils

Monday 02.06 Ventspils
Closing of the Event Centre in Ventspils

6) Competition Rules

The Competition Rules for IOF Foot Orienteering Events (edition of January 1, 2007) apply for EOC 2008.

7) Classes and Participation Restrictions

Competitors representing IOF full member Federations and competitors representing European associate members of IOF can compete in the EOC.

In each individual competition, the competitors placed number 17 and better in each qualification race heat may run in the A-final; the remaining competitors run in the B-final. Competitors who start, but are not placed, in the qualification race may start before the qualified runners in the B-final but shall appear in the result list as not placed.

In the relay a Federation may enter 2 teams each consisting of 3 competitors, but only the better-placed team will count in the prize list. Incomplete teams and teams with runners from more than one Federation are not allowed. Under no circumstances may persons other than entered competitors participate in the competition.

There is no limit on the number of runners and officials in a team.

Event distance Max number from each federation W/M Qualification race Number of heats in qualification Qualified from each heat/total in final
Sprint /Wcup/ 6 (+E Champion) Yes 3 17/51
Long 6 (+E Champion) Yes 3 17/51
Middle 6 (+E Champion) Yes 3 17/51
Relay 2 team 3 legs No    

The current European Champion for each distance has a personal free place in the qualification race of the relevant event, provided that he/she is a member of the federation’s team.

8) Anti-Doping

Let us keep our sport and the EOC 2008 free of doping! We, the organizers, are fully committed to support the endeavours of the anti-doping authorities with highest priority. The rules of the IOF Anti-Doping Code, valid from January 1, 2007 apply.

9) Embargoed areas

The following areas are embargoed until further notice.

Map Name of the map Nearest settlement
685 Ventspils-centre Ventspils
686 Jaunupe-north Jaunupe
687 Ventspils-camping Ventspils
688 Jaunupe-south Jaunupe
609 Staldzene Staldzene
709 Seaside park Ventspils
841 Liepene-camping Liepene
Irbene Irbene

10) Opportunities for training

EOC2008 official training camp #1 - “Kâpa 2007”

Main package - 3day event “Kapa 2007” + training camp in Liepaja

June 29 – July 1, 2007 – “Kapa 2007”
Official training camp starts with a 3-day orienteering competition “Kapa 2007” near Liepaja (120km on South from EOC2008 competition centre in Ventspils). Competition will be organized in terrains that are very much alike to the ones where EOC2008 will take place. For more information see official competition homepage -

July 2 – July 6, 2007 - Training camp
Second part of the training camp is organized in Liepaja. Participant accommodation will be organised in guest house “Chill Inn”, which is located in the territory of Bernâti Country Park, 500m from the Baltic Sea. Camp participants will have a possibility to run in 4 costal terrain maps and 2 park-O maps.

Application deadline - June 10, 2007

EOC2008 unofficial training camp opportunities

Individual training programs and races, if necessary, can be arranged starting from August till November 2007 on request. Training opportunities can be offered in ~12 costal terrain maps and ~5 park-O maps near Riga.

Competitions in Latvia during time period August – November 2007

  • August 11 – WRE competition, long
  • August 18-19 – Malienas cup (Latvian cup), 2x long
  • September 15-16 – Latvian championship, middle+relay
  • September 29-30 – Riga Cup (Baltic Junior cup), long+relay
  • October 6 – Latvian championship, ultra long
  • During this period several regional competitions will take place, for more precise information, please, contact camp organizer Martins Lismanis.
  • April 5 – 6, 2008 – “Kurzemes pavasaris” (WRE)

    World ranking event “Kurzemes pavasaris” will be organized near Liepaja on April 5–6, 2008. For the possibilities to organize training camp prior or after the event, please contact Martins Lismanis at

    EOC2008 official training camp #2 - “PreEOC camp” – May 2008

    Second official training camp will be organised in Liepaja one week before EOC (May 19 – May 24, 2008). More precise information about the dates will be published in the official EOC2008 web site during August 2007.

    Application deadline - April 1st, 2008

    Possible customised camp organisation according to your wishes – ASK FOR MORE INFORMATION to get best training camp ever! For additional information concerning EOC 2008 training contact:
    Martins Lismanis
    Phone: +371 26752100

    11) Maps

    Maps are drawn in accordance with the International Specification for Orienteering Maps (ISOM 2000) and the International Specification for Sprint Orienteering Maps (ISSOM 2007).

    Race Map Scale Countour interval
    Sprint Qualification 1:5000 2,5 m
    Sprint Final /Wcup/ 1:5000 2,5 m
    Middle Qualification 1:10000 2,5 m
    Middle Final 1:10000 2,5 m
    Long Qualification 1:15000 2,5 m
    Long Final 1:15000 2,5 m
    Relay 1:10000 2,5 m

    12) Courses

    Approximate length and winning times of the EOC courses are:

    Race Class Approximate winning times
    Approximate length
    Sprint Qualification Women
    Sprint Final /Wcup/ Women
    Middle Qualification Women
    Middle Final Women
    Long Qualification Women
    Long Final Women
    Relay women Leg 1-2
    Leg 3
    Relay men Leg 1-2
    Leg 3

    13) General description of terrain

    Long distance, Middle distance, Relay

    Mostly coniferous (pine tree) forest with regular path and forest road network. Terrains have a lot of contour details - small and middle dune forms. The difference between the highest and the lowest points in the terrain is around 25m. Mostly open and runnable forest with some reduced running speed areas.

    Middle distance terrain area has a lot of marshes.

    Long distance and relay terrain areas have some open dune parts.


    Typical harbour town area: parks, asphalted and cobbled streets, open dune areas and beach.

    14) Punching and timing systems

    The EMIT punching system will be used.

    15) Weather and Climate

    At the end of May weather is normally warm and pleasant, with temperature about 17-25°C. The highest temperature at this time of year is around 30°C and the lowest 12°C. Rain may occur at this time of the year. For more information visit:

    16) Event Centre and Accommodation

    The Event Centre will be situated right in the heart of Ventspils. All EOC participants will be accommodated in hotels.

    A1 – 1 persons per room, WC, shower, breakfast
           Price: 45 EUR per person / per night

    A2 – No more than 2 persons per room, WC, shower, breakfast
           Price: 33 EUR per person / per night

    B – No more than 4 persons per room, WC, shower, breakfast
           Price: 25 EUR per person / per night

    C – No more than 4 persons per room, shared WC and shower, breakfast is not included
           Price: 12 EUR per person / per night

    Dinner and lunch in training days will be available at the accommodation places or at the facilities within no more than 5 minutes walking distance, on days of competition lunch will be served at the competition centres.
    Price: 10 EUR per person / 1 meal

    17) Transport

    EOC organizers will provide transportation from all the official accommodation places for all competitors and team officials who pre-request such a service (see entry forms for details).

    Price for transportation to and back from competitions, model events, banquet and opening ceremony is 38 EUR per person / for all EOC 2008 period.

    For opportunities of car rental please search “car rent” at

    18) Entry Permits to Latvia

    For visa information and entry details please contact the nearest Embassy/ Consulate of Latvia or visit website of office of citizenship and migration affairs: Conditions of entry may change, and all visitors are encouraged to check the latest information when planning the visit.

    For having a letter of invitation, the approved athletes must should provide the following information to the organizers:

  • name (-s) and surname;
  • citizenship (nationality);
  • date of birth;
  • place of birth;
  • the address of the place of residence;
  • anticipated place of residence and duration of stay in Latvia;
  • the location (office) where the visa application will likely be submitted;
  • Price for the first persons invitation is 10 eur and for every next 3 eur.
    Information must be sent to

    19) Entries, Federation Teams

    Events Races Services Entry fee per person, EUR
  • Access to all arenas
  • Maps, start and results lists
  • Banquet
  • Participation in the Opening and Closing ceremonies
  • 40
    Sprint /Wcup/ Model + Qualification + Final   70
    Middle Model + Qualification + Final   70
    Long Model + Qualification + Final   70
    Relay Model + Final   90 per team
    Team official Access to all official areas   30

    Participants / team officials must pay the accreditation fee in addition to the fee for each race / team official fee.

    Accreditation fee is obligatory for all athletes/team officials.

    Online registration for preliminary entry will be available on the event's website. Usernames and passwords will be sent to all IOF federations by e-mail.

    Preliminary entries should be entered in event website by 31.01.2008.

    Online registration for final entry will be available on the event's website from 01.02.2008. and should be entered in event website by 01.05.2008.

    20) Entries, Media Services

    We welcome all media representatives to follow the exciting events and the cheerful atmosphere of EOC 2008. Entry applications from media representatives must reach the EOC 2008 office no later than 31.03.2008.

    Entry and related requested reservations will be confirmed only if the full payment will be received by 11.04.2008. Please fill out the electronic version at

    For media representatives we can offer special EOC 2008 rates as long as there are rooms (see paragraph 16 for details) available for both: ETOC2008 and EOC2008, provided that the accommodation is booked through the EOC 2008 organizers. The EOC 2008 organizers will inform the registered media representatives on accommodation alternatives.

    Martins Lismanis
    Phone: +371 26752100
    Fax: +371 3107045

    21) Spectator Events – EOC Tour 2008

    Three spectator orienteering events will be organized during EOC 2008:

  • Friday 30.05.2007 in Jaunupe after EOC middle qualification.
  • Saturday 31.05.2007 in Jaunupe after EOC middle final.
  • Sunday 01.06.2007 in Ventspils after relay.
  • For further details please visit section “EOC TOUR” or e-mail:

    For more information about Ventspils, please visit

    22) Payments

    All payments to EOC2008 have to be made to:

    Account Name: Latvian Orienteering federation
    Bank Name: SEB Latvijas Unibanka
    IBAN: LV49 UNLA 0050 0045 4965 7

    All payments must be made by 11.04.2008 to the Latvian Orienteering federation bank account in Euros. Please note that all bank charges are due from the sender/payer.

    23) Further Information

    Web site:


    Latvian Orienteering federation
    Marijas 13/1, Riga, Latvia
    EOC Secretary General: Inese Purgaile

    Tel. /mobile/: +371 29751855
    Fax: +371 3107045

    Bulletin 3 will be published till 01.02.2008.

    24) Important dates

    Preliminary entries should be entered in event website by 31.01.2008.

    Media registration must be done till 31.03.2008.

    Full payment for all competitor, official and media entries and accommodation must be done till 11.04.2008.

    Final entry should be entered in event website by 01.05.2008.

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